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Meeting up with ReeveyTown was certainly a task. There’s never a dull moment as he is always on the go with making music, recording and preparing for battles has him busy for most of his free time. While the producing has been going on for over 10 years, he says “I used to just make beats for me. I like to say I make beats and not call myself a producer because I’m still growing and learning”.

ReeveyTown seems to be a man of conviction when it comes to conquering a task. When asked about getting into the zone for music or writing, he said “I make my beats off feeling. I can write a song with no problem. Like if I’m down, I can make a happy song. If I make a beat, you can tell how I was feeling when I made it. So when I do zone out on beats, I keep it strictly beats, but I’m always freestyling as I make the beat. It helps”.

Being that ReeveyTown has recently began to venture into the world of battle rap, it was a necessity for me to find out about any routines that get him ready for combat. “I go hang out in my studio. Catch different vibes”, he said. “We sell time. Just hearing other people sh*t get me going. I listen to R&B more than Rap anyway, but really I just chill. Try not to think about the battle too much”. Listening to ReeveyTown’s delivery and poise, you can certainly get the feel that he is cut from a different cloth than your normal black t-shirt.

His support goes where he goes. As a demonstration during our shoot, he gave a quick shout using his team’s signature sound. Instantly, I heard a window open from above me to see if backup was needed. “When he heard that call, he knew to check” said ReeveyTown referencing the Window-Man. 

This is definitely a stand up individual with the work ethic to match. While the Yurrnation website is currently under construction, reach out to ReeveyTown now at the link below. Enjoy!

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