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Radio Takeover at WRIR 97.3FM with The New Juice Crew

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Normally Michael Dickerson runs his show “Live From The Audience” from 1am-3am. While subbing in the 11pm-1am spot for a fellow DJ, he invited the New Juice Crew to come by for an interview and performance over the radio. The interview with The New Juice Crew (in attendance were Black Liquid, RT. and myself, BCMusic1st)… continue reading »

In The Field with ReeveyTown

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BCMusic1st - In The Field

Meeting up with ReeveyTown was certainly a task. There’s never a dull moment as he is always on the go with making music, recording and preparing for battles has him busy for most of his free time. While the producing┬áhas been going on for over 10 years, he says “I used to just make beats… continue reading »